Promotion of a website has a number of special features which depend on regional location of resources and optimization of websites with algorithms of search engines. The main target that our specialists achieve is enhancing website impression both for the search engines like Google, Yandex and website visitors.
The website promotion that our Studio offers is proceeding in a number of ways.
In a first step, we conduct audit of a project, then identify errors and inconsistencies in forms of presentation of information.


Website’s audit as a tool of promoting

This stage of promoting is the crucial stage in creation of strategies for enhancing the resource. It includes such stages as defining of technological content of a project in a context of visibility in PC, and in marketing part of a website. In the preliminary works we make a systematic optimization analysis of the pages and evaluation of the current condition of a project.

Mandatory activities of audit:
  1. Verification of conformity to standards of html;
  2. Internal linking of the pages;
  3. Determination of content relevance;
  4. Determination of marketing mistakes in a project;
  5. Availability of internal examination;
  6. Constant analysis and work on external website promotion.
The second stage includes:
  1. Increasing the amount of permalinks. Selection of donor websites and posting links manually.
  2. Increasing the number of different link with the references to your brand.
  3. Increasing the number of references in social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) and video resources (RuTude, YouTube); etc.
  4. Account settings of your company in social media and optimization in search engines.
  5. Constant monitoring of the development of a project and necessary adjustments for the best results in search engines;
Promotion of websites in Astana with a guarantee

Based on the received information the specialist develop next steps in work of promoting a website.
As a result you are going to get:

1. Growth of potential buyers and sales:

Due to our integrated approach to the promotion of a website, its visibility in search engines increases as the website appears in TOP resources according to the requests. Rank of a website allows potential customers and buyers to use your project and get all the information about services and products.

2. Reducing the expenses on attracting visitors:

Unlike contextual advertising, the website promotion gives not only the constant attraction of visitors, but also the growth of their numbers with further usage of promotion. You don’t have to pay for attracting visitors as this process will be conducted by search engines.

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