Promotion in social networks in Astana – Nur-Sultan city

Everybody who thinks about promoting his or her business through the Internet find out about SMM. Unfortunately, many do not understand the purpose and functions of SMM.

What is SMM?

SMM is «Social Media Marketing». SMM is a campaign under the strategy of enterprise development, which is also used in service, website, blog, products’ promotion through social platforms.

As a company, offering SMM service Astana, we understand how social are important for products’ promotion, increasing demand, brand development and task saluting during increasing profitability. For effective promoting in social networks in Astana and around the world we develop content editorial calendar. The posts giving all the information about a company will be published according to content editorial calendar.

Promotion in social networks is crucial for business because it allows to optimize the expanses and to increase profitability, which will have a positive impact on company’s reputation and brand. The customers intend to trust other customers’ feedback and posts in social media rather than simple Internet advertising. SMM can be adopted only for target audience or for all the customers depending on the social platform.

What SMM services are used for?

  • defining target audience and exploration of customers’ interests;
  • creating of channel of communication with potential customers;
  • analysis of the most appropriate platforms and tools for promotion;
  • increasing the number of clients with the help of advertising, actions, drawings in social networks;
  • creating of good image of your company;
  • monitoring the process of product and services’ promotion through the Internet;

In other words, the promotion in social networks in Astana with the help of our company will make it possible to popularize the product and business and positively influence demand as well as stimulating sales. Our SMM is not a thoughtless posting, sending out invitations to the group, commenting and intrusive purchase offers; this is a full-fledged thoughtful customer-oriented campaign to attract potential consumers through social networks.

What is included in the services of SMM?

We offer promotion in social networks in Astana, which consists of several stages:

  1. The communicative platforms placed in the chosen social network are places for collecting and communicating of existing and potential buyers. This place can be a created community, group or an account – the main thing is that the content of the site can “hook” the client and hold it up on the page in order to fulfill the target task.
  2. Development and publication of interesting and useful content that will be liked, rated and shared.
  3. Monetizing the marketing SMM campaign and making a profit by increasing the demand for a product or service is a stage in which it is necessary to estimate the number of buyers who purchased the product through advertising in VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms for communication. At the same time, it is necessary to evaluate not only a quantitative but also a qualitative indicator (for example, the profit received per one customer attracted with the help of SMM).

The main thing in our SMM services in Astana is a properly developed strategy and tactics that will allow you to implement the project with your own and well-known mechanisms and tools and achieve all your goals.


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