Mobile app development in Astana – Nur-Sultan city

We develop and introduce to the Kazakhstan’s and international market mobile apps regardless of your project’s level as we work both with new start-ups and developed projects. Progress and the entry of mobile technologies in every aspect of our lives make mobile technologies the best tool of today’s marketing. Mobile technologies afford many opportunities, such as advantageous purchases, instant retrieval of information, mobile banking etc.

By using our services, you are assure of obtaining:
  • Task solution directed towards your business;
  • Response to app users requirements;
  • Package solution for promoting of your business in mobile apps;
  • Millions of potential clients;
  • Full support of your application after its developing and launching;

We also provide services of developing mobile apps in Astana and Kazakhstan for such Platforms as IPhone, IPod and Android, taking into account all your requirements. We develop service applications, business programs, advertising decisions, news applications and social media applications.

Our offerings and abilities

Our programming solutions allow to use an application in all aspects of the work of your company, organize electronic document flow which is available all around the world, and also conduct commercial operations through mobile device. Many successful Kazakhstan’s companies, which are using such solutions, have already seen the efficacy and flexibility of this method. You do not have to use your computer anymore because you have everything you need in you mobile phone.

Promotional applications

Promotional applications allow your customers to look at the advantages of your product and services. Promotional application not only notifies your customers while introducing a new product into the market, but also reminds of loyalty program, which can provide indispensable support to the level of sales.

News applications

Statistics state about gradual shift to mobile content. Traditional print media considered irrelevant as we replace them with digital analogs. The growth of digital sources of information is striking. Major media outlets create digital analogs of printable versions of journals and magazine, which are convenient to read from mobile devices and adapted to specific user. Text, audio, photographs, video, animations give unlimited possibilities for publication of content. Our projects will allow you to use all the capabilities of modern technologies. The reader can read news and participate in its discussions. Moreover, the user has an ability to send you the information firsthand, and that can increase the importance of your news resources.

Mobile version of a website, HTML6 web store

This mobile solution can substantially increase the level of sales as you get access to millions of potential customers and buyers. They can make purchases everywhere. An application can be particularly useful if you need to make a hotel room reservation, package tour reservation or book a ticket. Our capabilities allow our clients not only receive information about the product, but also read feedback and even test product, using AR-technologies. By ordering our development of mobile applications in Astana, you can revive your business and get a myriad of advantages and opportunities that your business competitors do not have.

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